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BMW Active Curise Control with Steer Assist Retrofit

Steering and Lane Control Assistant including Traffic Jam Assist


Installation Included. Free Round Trip Delivery.

The Steering and Lane Control Assistant incl. Traffic Jam Assist can be activated to support the driver in monotonous traffic situations. At speeds of up to 130mph on all road surfaces, the system conveniently supports steering and keeps the vehicle in the centre of its lane.

This package also includes the BMW Digital Instrument Cluster Display and Head Up Display.

Cutting-edge steering support is possible with or without Active Cruise Control. It uses multiple area-surveillance radar systems and a stereo camera. The system positions itself using the edge-of-lane markers and the vehicle in front, if applicable. It automatically maintains the desired distance from the vehicle ahead and regulates the car's speed down to standstill if needed, as well as providing active steering support. The Steering and Lane Control Assistant represents another milestone on the path to achieving highly automated driving.

Although the system is capable of driving the vehicle independently, the driver is legally required to continue driving with both hands on the wheel. If the driver does not comply with this requirement, the system sensors in the steering wheel rim will recognise this fact and warn the driver acoustically after a certain period of time. Then it will enter stand-by mode. This is also the case if the indicator is activated for changing lanes or if the system requirements are no longer met, e.g. the lane is too narrow.