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BMW Headrest Travel Accessories

The set includes only original BMW products that were made to satisfy the exclusive comfort needs of BMW drivers.

The best thing about it is that you can choose the combination of the set yourself - the only element that comes by default is the base support. As for the accessories, you can pick among:

• GoPro and many other action camera holder;
• Headrest coat hanger;
• Headrest universal hook.

With the headrest coat hanger you can always be sure that the jacket or shirt you need for that meeting will not be wrinkled during the ride in your car. The headrest universal hook will let you transport bags and packages without worst scenarios of being crumpled or spilling out the contents on the bumpy routes. As for the GoPro camera holder, the imagination has no limits here - it can help document the road, create cool and safe videos for vlogging or catch the unique moments of unforgettable rides.

Create your own set and enjoy the convenience of travelling in your car!


Our system can be installed in most cars. But just to be sure, please contact us with your VIN to confirm your car’s compatibility.