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Engine Services

Keeping your engine running smoothly requires regular maintenance.

Many vehicle owners believe that since they have bought or leased their vehicle in good condition, that they don't have to keep up to date with the regular maintenance of the engines of it. For those of you that carry this mind set, please think this over, as even the best kept engines in the greatest conditions will need to be serviced on a regular basis to keep them working properly for years to come. There are multiple reasons, including increased safety and reliability, as to why you shouldn't ignore when you see a service icon light up on your vehicles dashboard, or when you are reminded by Eagle Tuning Hong Kong to arrange your next service appointment.


Eagle Tuning Hong Kong does not recommend servicing engines with oil leaks or are damaged. Our engine service is designed for periodic maintenance rather than engine repair. But rest assured. Eagle Tuning can recommend the next steps to be taken to get your engine up and running in case it breaks down. Early detection of leaks or damage to your vehicle’s engine system can save you time and money, keeping your car going and worry free.