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Leather Seat Cover Set


Installation Included. We come to you. Free of Charge.

This is a solution for those who often ride with pets or just transport some goods that could soil/ damage the seats of the car. This leather seat cover set offers full protection to the seats of your car. The set is made of easy-to-clean leather which is also water-resistant and durable. Just believe us, after getting one for yourself, you will be wondering how you got along without it.

This leather set includes the following coverage:

• Driver’s Seat Coverage in Leather
• Front Passenger’s Seat Coverage in Leather
• Rear Passengers’ Seat Coverage in Leather
• Driver’s Headrest's Coverage in Leather
• Front Passenger's Headrest's Coverage in Leather
• Rear Passengers’ Headrests' Coverage in Leather

Design & Color

Due to the custom-made nature of our Leather Seat Cover Sets, we are unable to list all the designs and colours of the sets that would fit your car. After you have contacted us with your car's VIN, we will send you the designs and colours that would be suitable for your car for you to choose.


Our Leather Seat Cover Sets are custom-made to your car’s specific make and model. Please contact us with your car's VIN to place your order.