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Power Trunk Retrofit


Installation Included. We come to you. Free of Charge.

Our Powered Electric Trunk makes loading and unloading your car a breeze. The motorized system opens and closes your trunk lid easily, smoothly and safely, at the touch of a button.

Some car manufacturers, such as BMW, only make this feature available in higher-end models. Whether you passed up on the option, or it wasn't available for your vehicle, our Power Trunk lets you add a little more luxury to your car.

Complete integration with your vehicle means the trunk lid can be operated by:

The trunk release button on the remote key fob.
The button in the trunk handle, and an additional button built in to the inside of the trunk lid.
The trunk release button on the dashboard (if present in your vehicle).
Your factory or retrofitted Comfort Access system with the kick feature.

For improved safety, our Power Trunk features anti-pinch technology. The trunk lid will stop closing automatically in the event of an obstruction, whether it's you or your children's hand, or you've just overloaded your trunk.

Fine-tuning the operation of your Power Trunk is simple. The position the trunk lid opens to can be set manually by adjusting the position by hand and holding the button in the trunk lid for five seconds.