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Surround View Retrofit


Installation Included. Free Round Trip Delivery.

Surround view cameras could be the next big thing in automotive safety. They cost more and do more for safety than the long-delayed rear camera that will be required on all 2018 cars. A properly implemented surround view system — with cameras on all four sides — will guard against backover deaths as well as more commonplace damage when you scrape a fender or alloy wheel.

A surround view monitor, or around view monitor system, stitches together a birds-eye view of your car from overhead and shows a moving image on the car’s display, along with parking lot lane markings, curbs, and adjacent cars. Eagle Tuning Hong Kong’s systems reinforce the visual information with sonar that warns if you’re too close to an obstruction, whether its behind or in front. They payback comes more from the cosmetic savings (fewer crumpled fenders), since the lives saved represent just 0.5% of all highway fatalities.


Our system can be installed in most cars. But just to be sure, please contact us with your VIN to confirm your car’s compatibility.