Our goal at Eagle Tuning Hong Kong is to provide the highest quality of products and services to car enthusiasts in Hong Kong and around the world. There is no better proof of our goal being met than when customers agree and openly express their opinions on the quality of the services received from Eagle Tuning Hong Kong. The following is a series of customer testimonials posted about our services.

"I am happy to say that my experience using Eagle Tuning was extremely positive. The service was provided as advertised. More importantly the staff that I interacted with were extremely helpful. All e-mails were answered in a timely way; even after the service had been rendered and payment was made.

In summary I would say that their service was a #1.

I would not hesitate to business with them then again or to recommend their company to others.

I subsequently dealt with the radio due to channels that I thought should have been included in the package. During the conversation I told them that I had the upgrade performed at a BMW dealer. They were able to fix the issue -- the upgrade that was done by Eagle Tuning was transparent to them. I continue to enjoy my one years worth of services."

Richard Wong, Hong Kong

"I have a BMW F30 320D with the basic BMW Business package whereas my previous BMW had all the bells and whistles you could want, so I really missed some of the features especially being able to use the white iPhone cable and get the album art on the screen.

I asked my dealer and they said I had to use a Y-cable as my car had older chips in it which didn't support the iPhone. So I did some search an came across Eagle Tuning and saw that it was just a software upgrade I needed. So I purchased the connected drive retrofits from them.

The guys at Eagle Tuning were fantastic and very responsive to emails when asking questions. After I received the ODB2 cable used to update the software on my car, which their technicians do over the web, I was up and running and now have the following enabled:

Bluetooth audio
Album art covers
Apple phone support
Bluetooth Voice Control

A big thank you to the guys at Eagle Tuning for all you very professional help and advice and highly recommend you to everyone."

Peter Choi, Hong Kong